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Critics hold diverse views about critical evaluation of a poem. A new term doing the rounds is “interrogating a poem”, instead of examining or evaluating it.

How we interrogate a poem?

First of all, we look at the poem, not as an object, but a subjective reality. A poem is looked upon, not as the child of a poet, but as an act of creation. And the most important thing is the inherent suggestion that we are dealing with a living entity, not with a dead mass.

In evaluation, we look back and forth at the ceative circumstance, and the political setting of the author. However, while interrogating it, we undertake a clinical examination of the poem, and the critic acts like a forensic expert, to know what is lying where, what has gone into the creation of the work, and whether it has some inherent value or it is something second rate.

The term ‘interrogation’ conjures a scene where a criminal is subjected to interrogation, to find out truth. Truth is the subject of every literary story. And to mine truth, a critic has to be ruthless, objective, unbiased, and absolutely value oriented in his approach.

Interrogating a poem envisages clinical precision and absolute decisions by the critic, and no chance of saying,..it appears…it seems,…in my opinion. It is a more apparent, transparent method to judge the value of a literary piece.

A critic may try to find out when a piece was created, who created it, was he under the influence of liquor, his work profile, living standard, and if he was under any depression.

All the values can be deduced from the poem itself, and then assessed for coming to a conclusion.

This new technique needs further elaboration, and deeper deliberations.

A Dialogue with Postmodern Voices

World Literature India is coming up with an ambitious project to publish a world of interviews of literary masters, on themes of scholarly interest.

The first volume, containing questionnaires from 25 literatteurs will be released on 13th Oct 2020 online, to mark the first anniversary of World Poetry Conference which was organized in Punjab at Bathinda on 13th-14th Oct 2019.

Postmodern Voices

World Literature India Creative Series is publishing works of young writers 15 poems by each poem, each volume containing works by 5 poets.

It will have Vol. 1 Vol.2 Vol.3 and Vol. 4. And the first volume will be released on 13th Oct. 2020 along with the other publucations of WLI.


Different Truths’s Kavya Kumbh has gone underway. Last Sunday, and this Saturday and Sunday, for three months, it will go on, displaying the national and international poetic talent. It was avidly awaited by the participants.

DR Jernail Singh Anand Prof Emeritus
The European Institute of Roma Studies and Research, Belgrade, Serbia

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