July 17, 2024

Borderless Journal founder counters Motivational Strips, quits NYP


The Founder of the Borderless Journal, Mitali Chakravarty, has countered the publication of the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi award received by a Philipino writer, Esguerra Castillo.

While reacting to the New York Parrot publication on Saturday September 12, 2020, Chakravarty, a former Editorial Board member of NYP, stated that Motivational strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy are “a fraud of FB” that should not be given recognition by any standard media organization.

She further condemned the award, stressing that it does not belong to Sahitya Akademi.

She stressed that some of those who receive certificates from the academy “are bad writers” whose works should not be published.

“Sahitya Akademi is given only once a year — this kind of news will make NYP [lose] credibility among good [w]riters and the real Sahitya Akademi winners — Sahitya Akademi is never given to non- Indians by the way,” Chakravarty said.

“I would not carry this as a news item as this has been started by someone in FB and many are irritated with it — some of these winners are really bad writers — if somebody says they have this award, I do not publish them in Borderless,” she added.

To debunk Chakravarty’s claim, an NYP investigative journalist, Akeem Alao, went further to verify the authenticity of the award.

It was confirmed that all the 350 certificates issued to the writers were signed by the Chairman of Gujarat Sahitya Akademi, Vishnu Pandya.

“Motivational strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy greeted 350 writers from 80 countries of the world on our Independence Day,” Pandya said.

Expressing her annoyance over the refusal of NYP to delete the publication, Chakravarty reacted that she was only wasting her time on the publication.

She stated that she could not take the mockery made of an Indian or Singaporean award.

“I am wasting time on a pointless report but I cannot take the mockery made of an Indian or Singaporean award. I don’t have any time for this. Apologies,” she said.

“I am a dictator when it comes to wrong things — misleading people is wrong,” she said

“I do not want to be personally involved in battles like this. I can get verification and let people know,” she added.

Chakravarty has therefore officially withdrawn her services to NYP, saying that, “I will quit NYP because I think because I consider FB fame part of fake news”.

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