Médecins sans Frontières urges resumption of food aid in Ethiopia amid alarming malnutrition levels

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International non-governmental organization Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) has issued a fervent call for the “immediate” resumption of food aid distribution in Ethiopia. The organization’s plea follows the suspension of food assistance by the United States government and the United Nations Food Programme (WFP) in May, initially targeting the northern region of Tigray before extending it to the rest of the country.

MSF highlights the distressing levels of malnutrition currently prevalent throughout Ethiopia. In a press release, the organization revealed that acute malnutrition rates far exceed the emergency threshold of 15% set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Of particular concern is the northern region of Tigray, which has been significantly impacted by drought, leading to the decimation of livestock belonging to pastoral communities. MSF warns that the Somali region, in particular, is witnessing the highest number of severely malnourished children under the age of five and suffers from inadequate vaccination coverage, thereby increasing the risk of potential epidemics.

The humanitarian organization’s call for the resumption of food aid emphasizes the urgent need to address the escalating crisis in Ethiopia. With the suspension of vital assistance exacerbating an already dire situation, MSF urges immediate action to combat malnutrition and prevent further health risks in the affected regions.

The Ethiopian government and international stakeholders are urged to prioritize the resumption of food aid distribution to ensure the most vulnerable populations receive the necessary sustenance and healthcare support. As the malnutrition crisis continues to intensify, concerted efforts are required to mitigate the devastating effects on the affected communities and safeguard the well-being of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable citizens.

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