Mon. May 20th, 2024

I have not seen a movie like it before. It would be one that leads its viewers to serious inner changes.

We would enter the movie as people who think solely about ourselves, who have no single thought about others. Or if we could think about others, then it would be only in order to get something from them. That is how we are by nature.

From such a state, we would need to start understanding that finding happiness in others is of primary importance. In order to undergo such a transformation, we need to change human nature.

What does it mean to feel our happiness in others? It means that when others feel good, we also feel good.

How could such a state be possible? On the contrary, we currently feel good when we are better off than others. Naturally, one way or another, we try to lower others so that they become lower than us. We thus need to reach the opposite: that we instead elevate others above ourselves.

If there were a movie that directs its viewers in such a way, then I would be all for it.

But it would be a flop. No one would get excited about it.

By Michael Laitman

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