Arrest made in relation to March homicide of smoke shop employee in Queens

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Law enforcement officials announced on Monday that a significant development has been made in the investigation surrounding the tragic shooting death of a smoke shop employee in Queens in March.

The incident, which occurred during a robbery amounting to $150, has resulted in the arrest of a suspect.

The individual taken into custody has been identified as Albert Edwards, 24 years of age.

Edwards faces charges that “encompass murder, robbery, and unlawful possession of a firearm.”

His arrest occurred on Sunday, marking a significant step forward in the ongoing investigation.

According to authorities, Edwards was one of three individuals who entered The Plug, a smoke shop located on Jamaica Avenue near 110th Street in Richmond Hill, on the afternoon of March 18.

While inside the establishment, one of the three men brandished a firearm, while his two accomplices proceeded to pilfer products consisting of THC and tobacco.

Tragically, during the course of the robbery, the armed individual discharged his weapon, striking and fatally wounding 20-year-old Daryus Clarke.

The victim, Daryus Clarke, was working at The Plug smoke shop at the time of the incident.

The shop is situated on Jamaica Avenue near 110th Street in Richmond Hill.

The event unfolded when the three perpetrators stormed the premises on March 18th.

While the identity of the alleged gunman remains uncertain, Albert Edwards’ apprehension has brought about hope of further clarifying his role in the shooting.

The remaining two individuals involved in the incident are currently subjects of an ongoing search by law enforcement authorities.

The perpetrators fled the scene in a white Toyota Camry, making off with a mere $100 in cash and merchandise valued at $50, as confirmed by law enforcement officials.

The grief-stricken mother of Daryus Clarke expressed her anguish over the loss of her son in the aftermath of the incident. She lamented the “senseless” nature of the killing, questioning the worth of a life in exchange for a paltry sum of $150. Kiesha Clarke, Daryus Clarke’s mother, conveyed her sentiments to the Daily News in March, underscoring the irreplaceable value of her son’s life.

In light of recent developments, it has been revealed that Albert Edwards boasts a criminal record, having been arrested five times in the past.

His previous charges include offenses such as grand larceny, drug-related infractions, and possession of a switchblade.

Notably, he was most recently taken into custody on a charge of aggravated harassment involving threats made over the phone, an incident that transpired in the Bronx on the previous Friday.

Daryus Clarke’s life was cut short while he was in the process of planning his sister’s upcoming sweet 16 birthday celebration.

His mother, deeply affected by the loss, emphasized that her son was not involved in criminal activities and had no conflicts with others, making the circumstances surrounding his death all the more bewildering and heartbreaking.

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