3-year-old migrant girl passes away during bus journey from Texas to Chicago

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A 3-year-old migrant girl lost her life while aboard a bus transporting asylum seekers from Texas to Chicago.

The young girl tragically passed away at a medical facility in Marion County, Southern Illinois, as confirmed by an official from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Accompanied by her parents, the girl’s identity has not been disclosed.

“The bus carrying the girl and fellow migrants had embarked from the Texas border town of Brownsville, as confirmed both by the Texas Division of Emergency Management and an Illinois health official”.

Though details surrounding the cause of death remain undisclosed, Texas officials issued a statement explaining that the bus halted its journey and contacted 911 for immediate assistance when the girl displayed health concerns. After receiving initial medical attention from on-board security personnel and paramedics, she was transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital.

“The Illinois Department of Public Health released a statement expressing their commitment to collaborating with local health authorities, state police, and federal agencies to uncover the circumstances surrounding this tragic event”.

The bus was en route to Chicago as part of the “border bus mission,” a strategy endorsed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. This initiative, which involves transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities, has been a contentious issue, sparking a political dispute over immigration policies. Critics have condemned this approach, alleging that migrant individuals are being exploited for political gains.

Governor Abbott is among the Republican governors in southern states who have adopted this approach since early 2022. Similar efforts have been observed in the actions of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who organized chartered flights carrying migrants to Sacramento, California.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta criticized this practice in June, condemning it as “state-sanctioned kidnapping” and underscoring its ethical implications.

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