Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

In a significant move to combat commercial concealment, the National Program for Combating Commercial Concealment in Saudi Arabia has successfully corrected data for more than 450,000 commercial registrations in 2023. This corrective initiative involved linking the registrations to commercial bank accounts, ensuring transparency in business activities.

As a result of the data correction efforts, 6,000 licenses for goods transport activity were issued, firmly establishing their connection to commercial records specific to the transport sector. Additionally, in a bid to streamline regulatory oversight, over 650,000 municipal licenses were canceled due to non-renewal, reinforcing the commitment to uphold commercial standards.

In 2023, the National Program conducted a robust series of 85,783 inspection visits to various establishments. These visits were strategically carried out based on indicators and suspicions of commercial concealment. To enhance the quality and efficiency of examining concealment cases, a dedicated division for combating commercial concealment has been established within the criminal courts, underscoring the seriousness with which the issue is addressed.

Recognizing the importance of public awareness, efforts were made to educate the populace about the dangers and risks associated with the crime of commercial concealment. In a unique approach, Friday sermons in mosques across the Kingdom were dedicated to disseminating crucial information, emphasizing the collective responsibility in eradicating this illicit practice. The multifaceted strategy employed showcases Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering a transparent and compliant commercial landscape.

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