July 13, 2024

Spain’s parliament rejects Catalan initiative to recognize Kosovo


Spain’s parliament has rejected a proposal on brought forth by Catalan separatist party Junts, seeking recognition of Kosovo as an independent nation. The motion was defeated by a wide margin, with a vote tally of 293 against, 25 in favor, and 27 abstentions.

Junts MP Eduard Pujol had argued earlier that Kosovo is a “state of law” and emphasized that its unilateral declaration of independence in 2008 had been recognized by the International Court of Justice.

Despite this, Kosovo’s independence remains unrecognized by five European Union members: Spain, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, and the Greek Cypriot administration. However, these countries do acknowledge Kosovo’s travel documents.

Serbia, which aspires to join the EU, has consistently refused to recognize Kosovo’s independence, maintaining that Kosovo is a part of its sovereign territory.

Israel recently became the latest nation to recognize Kosovo’s independence, marking a milestone in Kosovo’s international recognition efforts.

The rejection in Spain’s parliament underscores the complex geopolitical dynamics surrounding Kosovo’s status and the challenges it faces in gaining broader international recognition.

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