July 18, 2024

Houthis arrests 157 Yemeni women in 2 years


A Human Rights group have reported that the Houthis have arrested nothing less than 157 Yemeni mothers over the past two years on different charges.

The Abductees Mothers Association said the charges includes demonstrating to demand better living conditions and some times, they get arrested because of their political affiliation.

In statement released, the group said that, “18 of the women have been subjected to verbal violence, the threat of sexual abuse, physical violence and denied contact with their relatives. They have also been refused release unless they pay large fines and pledge never to participate in future protests.”

According to them, the Houthis arrest the Yemeni women’s relatives, instead of them.

The statement added that “The Houthis also fabricated charges of prostitution against some of the women with the aim of isolating them from society and prolonging their detention.”

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