July 17, 2024

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera should stop deceiving Broxite voters, she was a registered Republican up until recently—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


recent exclusive interview with Parkchester Times editor, Mutiu Olawuyi, the incumbent Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly called AOC, has accused one of her contenders, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera of being a registered Republican funded by Trump allies to deceive democrat Bronxites.

The interview exposes readers to AOC’s political career and achievements within the two years of her assumption of office as a Congresswoman in Washington. Hence, if you want to know the true picture of AOC, her reasons for going for re-eelection, and her agenda for her constituency and New Yorkers at large, carefully read the interview below.

PT: Would you mind sailing us, briefly, through your journey to politics?

AOC: I was born in the Bronx to working-class parents. My father was a small business owner and my mother, who was born in Puerto Rico, cleaned houses. My parents had to move us 40 minutes away from the Bronx, so I could get a better education. And it was during the car trips from Yorkshire to the Bronx every weekend to see my extended family, that I developed a deep understanding of income inequality at such a young age. My life experiences led me to politics and in 2018, I became the youngest female ever elected to Congress. My platform consists of progressive policies like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, criminal justice reform and tuition-free college.

PT: What changes have you made so far in your constituency since you became a congresswoman? What have you accomplished so far since you became a congresswoman?

AOC: Since I don’t accept any corporate PAC or lobbyist donations, I can spend all my time working for my constituents and not dialing donors for campaign fundraising.

  • Our district has received $4.3 Billion in funding since I’ve been in Congress.
  • Our office has opened 1000 constituent cases to serve NY-14 residents.
  • I attended over 200 events in district, including 17 town halls
  • My office was recognized for its efforts by the Democracy Awards. It was the first time a Member of Congress was recognized in two categories.
  • 11 pieces of Legislation I co-sponsored ultimately became law, 62 pieces of legislation I have co-sponsored passed the House.
  • We’ve created a national movement around the Green New Deal

PT: Have you fulfilled all the promises you made to your constituents at the last Parkchester Times debate organized a couple of years ago?

AOC: I have been present for my community and proud to say I am one of the most active members of Congress in New York. I’ve attended more than 200 events, including 17 town halls in the district and during COVID-19 I personally helped deliver masks and groceries to our constituents in need. My campaign has fundraised close to $1 million for local organizations providing COVID-19 relief and we’ve called to check-in on over 235,000 NY-14 constituents and provide them with resources.

PT: Why do you feel you need to be re-elected? What are your new and unaccomplished plans for your constituency?

AOC: Right now, New York is experiencing three concurrent crises. A crisis of health with COVID-19, the economic crisis of mass unemployment, and the crisis of racism in our systems of law enforcement. These are systemic problems and I’m proud to have been fighting for systemic solutions like Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, and the end to mass incarceration. And whether it’s delivering thousands of groceries to our neighbors, introducing transformative legislation, or standing up to corrupt interests in Washington, it has been the honor of my life to fight for the Bronx and Queens in the halls of Congress. And we’re just getting started.

PT: What makes you unique among all the candidates vying for this position this year?

AOC: I am a candidate for and by the people. While we have pushed against corporate power with policies that favor everyday working Americans, Republican donors are bankrolling one of my opponents.

PT: One of your opponents accused you of voting in the congress against what could have helped your constituency to grow faster and better in the areas of health, business and general lifestyles. What do you have to say to this?

AOC: I always make decisions with my constituents in mind. For example, I co-sponsored the HEROES Act, because unlike the CARES Act,it provides immigrants and their families with key economic relief and state and local funding to make sure our state and our city does not go bankrupt. I voted in favor of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act so it’s easier for small businesses to have their loan forgiven. When it comes to the priorities of the district , it all aligns quite well. I’ve also introduced legislation that would revitalize our public housing stock and create tens of thousands of jobs for our constituents.

Meanwhile, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who was a registered Republican, moved to the district only 6 months ago. She does not know the district and responds to the Trump supporters and Wall Street executives who have poured thousands of dollars into her campaign.

PT: What message do you have for voters in your constituency?

AOC: It’s been the honor of my lifetime to be your Congresswoman. We are one of the most progressives districts in the United States and I believe that we have a responsibility to be the tip of the spear in many ways. This requires us to be courageous and to stand up, because our community represents those who are so often left behind. I’m proud to stand up for my community in local and large ways. Therefore, I’m humbly asking for your support on June 23rd.

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