June 23, 2024

Antisemitism is on the rise,


By Journalist Lawrence Seiler

Back in the 1960s Peter Paul and Mary Sang a song Where have all the Flowers Gone a song they published to talk about ending war. Recently there has been Anti Semetic Attacks on our Jewish Brothers and sisters Most recently with the Hanukkah Stabbing in Monsey New York the Gentleman is in Grave condition and probably won’t Make it
When will they Ever Learn

In the Holicaust if you were Jewish and owned a business whether it was a Butcher Synagogue or other kind of business if you were doing well Hitler saw to it that you were subjected to Kristalnach the Night of Broken Glass where Your Business was taken away from you and you were killed
When will they Ever Learn..

The Synagogue killing in Philadelphia in 2018,when will they ever Learn
Words Hurt like the N word The R Word for people with Special needs as well When Will they Ever Learn. Does it have to be in 2020 that we have to have a rally on this horrible Prejudice if Hitler did not make his first speech in 1933 we would not be in this mess by the way Hitler Killed his own Mother Who does that ….

Coming to the most recent Iran situation.

Where our President pushed the Red Button to have Solimani Killed
I completely Understand about the situation however we live in a tough world now in the 1940s and 50s you could leave your door open and trust people now you cannot you cannot even trust our Commander and Cheif I now understand in this Great country of ours that in The NFL players Kneel during the National Anthem we are not Home of the Brave Land of the Free I love America however I dont love Prejudice people

When will they Ever Learn we all need to Love people Pray for people and come together for more peace talks not hate talks not one group is responsible for this nasty Predjudice we all are parents are it starts at home if there is more love at home you would not have hate Martin Luther King said it best Jews Gentles Protestants Catholics Free At Last Free at Last Thank God all mighty we are Free at Last Can we and will we be Free
In the 1970s Marlo Thomas did a series of TV Programs and a children’s

Record Free to Be You and Me

How can we be Free if we Hate….
You dont have to be afraid to wear a head wrap a Yamulke or a Talit or anything that describes your faith God knows.. your heart.
For more information on Abled and on Air www.orcamedia.net

Lawrence Seiler
Journalist Parkchester Times
Abled to Speak Up

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