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I do not want to be Abused in my Nursing Home or Group Home. For years there has been abuse in Nursing homes for the elderly as well as Group homes for special needs populations

Case Study
Willowbrook State School Verses The State of New York Geraldo Rivaria and ABC News open a case in the 1970s of Abuse in Staten Island New York of a Facility named Willowbrook State School closed in 1986 with only a Handful of people left People with special needs were treated like animals Hence the situation in 1969 when Robert Kennedy called Willowbrook a Snake Pit

Case Study
Rockland County New York Letch Worth Village also profiled by Geraldo Rivaria now a Grave Yard because people died there.

Case Study
Bronx State Hospital and Develpmental Center 1970s, a mentally challenged and special needs facility also profiled on television Brandon State School Vermont closed in the 1990s.
All of these facilities have one thing or more in common starting with the lack of staff or Man power or the Salaries to pay Direct Care workers in the state of New York or the Nation.
Direct care workers in Nursing Homes and Group Homes Need to trained not just one time a year when they get hired but several more times yes now we have a minimum wage of 15 dollars an hour but Direct care workers Nurses and other staff need a better salary if they will work in this feild however its not just the Salary its something that alot of people lack and thats called Compassion The Olmstead Act was Based on a court case so people can live in approprate facilities.

If Jesus healed the Blind Man and made the decesed girl The Man who couldnot walk etc…why cant people not abuse elderly or special needs people
Personal thought My mother spent years as an LPN at a place called Bay Park Nursing Home in Co op City Formally Hebrew Hospital Home the patients the Staff loved her warm compassion why cant everyone be like this.

We live in a greedy complacent Materialistic society that people love their 1000 dollar and up cell phone they cannot even keep food on the table let alone have money for rent so they rather have The Doctor Jay sneakers or the Micheal Koors or Gucci Bag or the phone they must have that expensive thing some even will be on the 6 o clock news to kill someone for what they got give an approprate wage for a job and they wont have to kill someone for the money
God has compassion for people His people need to do the same..

There is a great resource to get the training you need to become staff in the special needs feild my friend Mr Luis Torres Who teaches at the Bronx Equal opportunity Center at 1666 Bath Gate Avenue who has been on various shows as a guest told me that when you get trained to work in Group homes and other Facilities and you get certified in Various Areas for more information please contact The Bronx Equal Opportunity Center Bronx New York 10457 1718-530-7000
Trust me get trained the right way to work in a facility and you will learn compassion and how to love and work people the right way

And in my opinion you do not need that expensive cell phone or expensive gift for the Holidays what you learn in Mr Torres class in Invaluable and Mr Torres will give you the Gift of turning your life around for the better and that makes you richer by the day.

Abled to Speak up Volume 2 by Lawrence Seiler Journalist

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