Mon. May 27th, 2024

Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House Speaker, has expressed lack confidence in Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of White House coronavirus task force.

While addressing ABC news, Pelosi criticized Birx for being responsible for disinformation President Trump spread about the coronavirus.

“I think the president has been spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his appointee so, I don’t have confidence there, no.”

Similarly, last week, it was reported that Pelosi criticized Birx at a meeting with Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary and Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff accusing her of spreading disinformation about coronavirus. Contrary to her criticism of Birx, Pelosi, praised Anthony Stephen Fauci calling him a hero.

Further accusing Birx, Pelosi said,
“Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in.”

Responding to a question about Pelosi’s comment during an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union,” Birx said that she had great deal of respect for Pelosi.

Birx stated that she would continue doing her best to save lives by using data to implement better program.

“This was not a pollyannish view. I’ve never been called pollyannish, or non-scientific, or non-data driven. I will stake my 40-year career on those fundamental principles of using data to implement better programs and save lives,” said Birx.

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