June 23, 2024

Oklahoma woman produces free masks for Durant residents


An Oklahoma woman, Katrina Rawls-Daniels, has produced free masks for the Durant residents.

Katrina, who produces not less than 60 masks per day, has distributed over 4,500 masks through porch pickup to people.

While speaking about the distribution on Tuesday August 11, 2020, Katrina stated that her mother was the first to notice essential workers, like supermarket employees, who did not have masks when the pandemic first started before she picked up from her.

She added that her mother taught her how to sew when she decided to make the masks.

Rawls-Daniels kept up with it and has now made a little over 4,500 masks off her porch starting around April.

A drive past her house in Durant shows a clothes line filled with masks all for free for anyone in need.

She said she had been busy, as the new school year is just a few weeks aways.

With about six hours devoted to the masking sewing daily, Rawls-Daniels is able to make about 60 masks every day.

Though stressed out, she always feels she is doing something to help.

She said she is working to make sure people who need masks get them.

“I’m sewing every day. This line has only been entirely empty for maybe three days since April,” Rawls-Daniels said.

She makes the masks as all fabric donations, except for a few other things out of her pocket.

People in her community have helped supply her with material, according to Rawls-Daniels.

She promised to make masks as long as people are willing to donate material and as long as people are willing to come get free masks.

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