July 15, 2024

Police arrest host of New Jersey party with 300 attendees


Police on Sunday August 9, 2020, arrested a host of a party in New Jersey with 300 attendees, mostly not from the area.According to police report, partygoers at the “pop up” party were at home on Wilson Drive in the Ramtown neighbourhood, all seen straggling on properties and urinating.Most of the guests cooperated with the police upon their arrival.The Howell Township Police Department said in a social media post on Sunday evening that several patrol units would remain in the area to prevent others from arriving and/or returning and to monitor surrounding streets, as there has been reports of stragglers urinating on people’s property and vehicles.A news agency reported that the party was advertised on Instagram with a charge set at $30 for women and $40 for men, and promising a DJ and pool part.The party was tagged the “Real Big Drip 5.”State health officials in New Jersey have cautioned against holding gatherings indoors rather than outside, while abiding by the COVID-19 rules including wearing of masks and social distancing in place.Democratic Governor Phil Murphy gave an executive order allowing for outdoor gatherings of up to 500 people, with a condition that attendees must wear face covering and keep a distance of 6 feet between people.Recent weeks have witnessed large parties as summer fully arrived, which has made Gov. Murphy to issues a number of cautions and leading Airbnb to announce it would remove 35 listings for “party houses” around New Jersey state.On Monday, the governor said around 250 new coronavirus cases were reported since, adding to the previous cases to make a total of 185,000.He also added that 4 people died from the coronavirus pandemic, putting the death toll at 14,025.

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