July 15, 2024

U.S Postal Service warns states of late mail-in-ballots


The U.S Postal Service has begun sending warnings to states in the U.S ahead of the November 3 presidential election.

While disclosing this on on Friday August 14, 2020, the PS stated that states should give additional time to mail-in-ballots so that the votes could be counted.

The PS has so far sent warnings to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington as it is concerned that mail votes could be returned late and that would mean that a large number of votes may end up not being counted.

Martha Johnson, Postal Service spokeswoman, while addressing local and states election officials, in a letter, said, “State and local election officials must understand and take into account our operational standards and recommended timelines.”

As America still struggles with the pandemic and restrictions on social gathering still hold, about half of Americans are more likely to cast their ballots via email in the November presidential election.

In readiness for the certain mail-in-ballots, many states have put several measures in place to ease the process and to ensure that many votes are counted.

For example, Pennsylvania’s secretary has called on the Supreme Court to allow ballots received three days after the November 3 election to be counted.

However, some states like Michigan and Ohio have yet to relax their strict deadlines for validity of mail-in-ballots.

Meanwhile President Trump has in few instances expressed doubt over the mailing vote saying it could lead to election fraud.

On Thursday, he said that he did not approve of funding the postal service or mail vote as part of a coronavirus relief package.

Mr. Trump’s response has however received criticism from top Democrats especially Joe Biden, Democrat presidential candidate, saying that Mr. Trump was raising objection to mail-in-ballots only to boost his chance of winning the election.

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