July 17, 2024

Nigeria: GYSF organizes health outreach to orphanage homes


Global Youths Sustainability Foundation has organized a health outreach for an orphanage home, Arrows of God Orphanage in Lagos.

While disclosing this to NYP correspondent, Ikimat Salawu Yusuff, the brains behind the Foundation, stated that GYSF had organized two health talk sessions with children and provided them with provisions and other needed items.

Members of the Foundation at the orphanage home

According to Ikimat, GYSF is a non-governmental organization established on January 1, 2020.

She stated that the organization is aimed at inculcating the 2030 agenda.

She added that it is intended to bolster development efforts and policies by providing a comprehensive and well-articulated set of goals and targets for the creation and implementation of policies and actions.

One of the training sessions

“This Foundation was established to reduce poverty, improve health, achieve peace, and promote equality, leaving no one behind,” Ikimat said.

“Our mission is to mandate GYSF to promote peace and development year round, through creative and targeted events.

“it is also our mission to eradicate poverty and sustain youth in their lacks but desires,” she added.

A presentation at a training session

GYSF is established to achieve youths sustainability, global development, poverty eradication, good welfare and health.

In order to fulfill its goals GYSF organized a health outreach to reach out to an orphanage home, Arrows of God orphanage in Lagos.

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