July 17, 2024

NYC teachers union threaten strike if universal testing for kids, teachers not implemented


The United Federation of Teachers has announced plan to embark on strike if city authorities fail to implement universal testing for teachers and students before schools reopen.

UFT President, Michael Mulgrew, who was joined by doctors and elected officials at a news conference said the city went through hell and back, and “we are not going to hell again because of short-sighted political agendas.”

The union is also demanding verification that every school has adequate ventilation and personal protective equipment.

Mulgrew said,”If any of the conditions aren’t met at a school, it shouldn’t open Sept. 10 — the likely start date for in-person classes — and conceded it’d likely delay reopening until late September or October.”

Union honchos said they’ll plead their case in court. State law bars public-sector unions from striking, but Mulgrew said the UFT is willing to roll the dice.

“If the court deems we’re breaking the Taylor Law so be it,” said Mulgrew.

“Our position is clear – the school should remain in remote-only operation if the safety conditions aren’t met.

“No one should enter the building and put themselves and their family at risk,” he added.

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