Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Anti-government protesters, comprising thousands of women, have matched in the capital city of Belarus

The protesters on Saturday August 29, 2020, waved flags, flowers and balloons to demand that President Alexander Lukashenko should step down following a disputed presidential election this month.

The opposition accused Lukashenko to have rigged the August 9 election to prolong his 26-year rule.

He however denied the accusations and alleged that the West is behind the protests that continue to grip the country.

He also accused the NATO for massing forces on Belarusian frontiers, an accusation tha thet alliance outright denied.

During the protest most of the women were seen wearing national dress and continuously chanting, “This is our city. You better protect us.”

As the protests continue in the capital city, other cities and towns also saw several small-scale rallies being held.

In an attempt to limit movement of the protesters, police and security troops have cordoned off street along the protest route.

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