Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Interjet, one of the Mexico’s three biggest airlines has said that beginning from December more routes would be created for its domestic flights to use.

While disclosing this on Sunday August 30, 2020, Interjet Airline stated that the routes will be added to its over 50 existing routes.

The airline said that this would enable it to boost travel options to northern states and some tourist destinations in the country.

It also said that it would help increase frequency of its domestic flights.

The airline also said that, “Health and safety measures would be put in place making a specific mention of its plan to give quick COVID-19 tests to passengers and make N95 masks available.”

Meanwhile in July, Interjet was given a timely financial boost of US$150 million capital injection that pulled it out of the financial straits that has plagued airline sector around the world due to coronavirus pandemic.

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