Sun. May 19th, 2024

You should know that during the Republican National Convention, held Monday August 24 to Thursday August 27 of this year, leaders representing four (4) different New York City Public Housing Developments came out in defense of President Donald Trump.

It is important for you to know that these four NYCHA public housing leaders in New York City are all Democrats, one is African American, and three are Hispanic.

All four (4) appeared praising the work and contributions of President Donald Trump’s administration. While at the same time, these four (4) criticized New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Democratic Party for the disastrous conditions in NYC’s public housing.

The four leaders are Carmen Quiñones, Tenant Leader of “Frederick Douglas Houses” in Harlem, Claudia Perez, Tenant Association President at “Washington Houses,” Manuel Martinez, head of the resident’s association at South Jamaica Houses” and Ms. Judy Smith, a NYCHA resident

You should also know that when the Republican National Convention ended, much criticism and pressure began on these four people for having recorded the video in favor of President Trump.

Carmen Quiñones, Claudia Perez, and Manuel Martinez later retracted and released statements, where they claimed, that they were used and that they never willfully endorsed President Trump.

One of them, the African-American, Judy Smith, did not retract her statements. She stood firm, testifying that she did know what she was doing and that her support for President Donald Trump remained firm.

My advice to the three Hispanic leaders who, according to them, “were deceived” should sit down and watch the video again.

They all appear very comfortable and sure of their statements in favor of President Trump.

They don’t seem as if they were coerced, nervous or unsure of their statements.

It is disheartening to believe that at this stage our community would have leaders that are so easily coerced and fooled as if they were naïve little children.

It’s as if they have no control over what they say, and then have to retract and blame others later. This my dear readers is shameful.

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