Sun. May 26th, 2024

Kuwait has strongly refused an Israeli plane to fly through its sky emphasizing that no Israel plane would ever be allowed to ply its airspace.

According to a government source, any Israeli airplane that is UAE bound would not be given access to the Kuwaiti route because the new route between Israel and the UAE never passes through Kuwait, but instead cuts through another country.

Emphasizing the sternness in Kuwait’s stand against permitting Israel to travel through its airspace, the spokesperson said, “Israeli planes will never fly over Kuwait’s skies to reach the UAE.”

Meanwhile on Monday, following a successful normalization of relationship between Israel and the UAE, the first Israel plane took off from Tel Aviv flying through Saudi airspace and landed in Abu Dhabi.

As diplomatic relations between Israel and Kuwait exists vacuum, Kuwait, till date, remains the last state to normalize ties with Israel.

Therefore, the ongoing rumor that Kuwait has permitted Israel to fly through its airspace is further from the truth, according to a government source.

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