Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Italy has launched a probe into Apple, Google, and Dropbox cloud storage services to find out how the services have been collecting and using consumers’ data.

The move on Monday September 7, 2020, came after mounting pressure and complaints about what seem to be unfair commercial practices by the tech companies.

Another push for the probe is the stand by the European Union for the tech companies to provide adequate clarifications on their terms and conditions of services and give greater privacy protections to consumers.

Italy’s Competition and Market Authority confirmed that about six separate investigations have been launched into Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, and DropBox.

For example in July, in a separate probe, Apple and Amazon offices were raided by Italian officers to verify allegations that the duo tech companies have engaged in anti-competitive cooperation selling their products such as Apple products and Beats headphones.

According to the agency, the purpose of the investigation is to establish if the tech companies have over time failed to clearly state how consumers’ data would be collected through the service and used for commercial purposes.

The agency specifically mentioned that it would particularly determine whether Dropbox has failed to give comprehensible instructions on how consumers could exit their contract with the service.

It would, in addition, look into how updated consumers are about the service that could allow them pursue dispute settlement out of court.

Meanwhile last year, mounting pressure from EU officials forced Facebook to agree to change its terms and conditions.

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