Sat. May 25th, 2024

At least 24 people have drowned in the sea off the coast of Libya after a boat conveying refugees capsized.

The boat which capsized on 15th September, 2020, was on its way to Europe leaving its passengers missing and presumed dead.

An IOM spokeswoman said, “Libya’s coast guard intercepted three boats, one of which had capsized.”

“Whilst at least 45 survivors were returned to shore, they found two bodies. The survivors told them 22 others were missing and were taken to a detention centre in Tripoli,” she adds.

She stated that most of the refugees were from Egypt and Morocco.

Last month, more than 350 people died in the central Mediterranean, attempting to make the crossing to Europe.

At least 45 people from one boat drowned, making it the biggest number of deaths on a single vessel off the Libyan coast.

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