July 17, 2024

Bangladeshi community saves 62-year-old Parkchester woman from death


Some members of the Bangladeshi community have saved a 62-year-old Parkchester woman, Susmita Roy, from death.

While disclosing this to New York Parrot correspondent in New York City, Moses Kuwema, Saidur Rahman Lingkon, the President of a Bangladesh NGO, stated Roy suffered a stroke on September 7 in her apartment resulting in the left side of her body getting paralyzed.

According to Lingkon, Roy, who lives alone in the Parkchester area in the Bronx, couldn’t call 911 for help and lay helplessly in bed for three days before her friends got concerned and asked for a wellness check.

“Susmita has been a family friend for sometime now to me and my wife Sharmin Tania.

“We have gone out to places like City Island to eat and a lot more other places.

“We were supposed to meet her on Tuesday September 8, 2020, to treat her on her birthday but for some reason we didn’t know, she wasn’t picking up our calls.

“We left messages on her phone and there was no response. Despite her being close to us, we didn’t know her apartment where she lives—we just knew the building,” said Lingkon.

Susmita Roy,

Lingkon explained that while they were still trying to figure out what was going on with Roy, one of the members of the community Maksuda Ahmed managed to locate her apartment.

“We had a meeting as a community after we found out she has a nephew and niece living within the US away from New York.

“We notified them that we have been trying to get hold of Roy but could not get to her. On Wednesday night, September 9 we decided to go and check on her at her apartment. We knocked and there was no response.

“We asked the neighbors if there was an ambulance that came to pick up someone in the building the last few days and they said no!,” she said.

“We finally decided to call 911 to do a wellness check. The police and FDNY came and broke the door open. We found Roy unconscious and lying on the bed with the left side of her body paralyzed. She couldn’t even talk,” Lingkon said.

Lingkon added that Roy was rushed to Montefiore hospital where she has been recuperating since.

“She is getting better now. When she was taken there, she wasn’t even talking but at least now she was talking to us when we visited her. She is very grateful for the help we rendered and as a community we are happy she is alive and that her situation didn’t end in tragedy.

“My appeal right now is to whoever is living alone to please consider giving spare keys to anyone you consider a friend or loved one, for them to be checking on you in case of anything,” concluded Lingkon.

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