July 18, 2024

A Repeal Petition by Kashiana Singh


exciting protest poem for the upcoming election

Repeal nepotism

Repeal intolerance

Repeal reputations

Repeal contradictions

Repeal overrated debates

Repeal credibility of greed

Repeal self-indulgent bravado

Repeal cheerleading for a crisis

Repeal predictability of all news

Repeal masks that cling at racism

Repeal the journey into narcissism

Repeal stoking of all uncertain fear

Repeal signs of imagined eloquence

Repeal euphemisms of unfelt words

Repeal criminalization of fragile scars

Repeal littering of streets with wildfire

Repeal manoeuvring life for photo ops

Repeal terrific speeches of malfeasance

Repeal songs birthed in decadent deaths




Repeal the false bugler’s sound and—

We will congregate, as a liquid chorus at the

village square of this country called America

We will congregate, and in this very lifetime

we will undo the shackles, listen to its dreams

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1 thought on “A Repeal Petition by Kashiana Singh

  1. Repeal has been the slogan of most freedom movements in the world
    Repeal slavery laws , repeal brutal outdated systems , repeal casteism
    But the mind set of the leaders has not been changed
    A clarion call by the poet in forceful expression
    The sensitive soul of the poet has called for a change
    Inquilab inquilab
    Cpal singh

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