Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

A neo-nazi militant group which disbanded for some time has re-emerged and rebranded itself as the National Socialist Order.

The group, formerly known as Atomwaffen, is now re-establishing itself after several of its members were arrested following a report that they were involved in the murder of 5 people this past spring.

There are now neo-nazi stickers placed on business windows in this city, indicating the white supremacy group is attempting to reestablish itself after the federal authorities’ arrest of some of its members in 2019.

On its new website and social media accounts, the white supremacist group shared its racists’ views, including calls for violence and civil war within the United States.

In the report from September 3, the owner of a targeted LGBTQ-owned business describes the man as “wearing a short sleeve, tight white t-shirt with aggressive red and black lettering on it, a mask with bones on the face with just his eyes showing, camo pants tucked into combat boots…”

The sticker contained an image of Adolf Hitler, a swastika and an email for recruitment.

Local bus depot and other parts of Colorado now have NSO stickers placed around.

The now-defunct Atomwaffen group has established a new website that features many of the militant hallmarks of the Atomwaffen Division, including references to James Mason, a prominent neo-nazi who lives in Denver.

In 2019, James Mason said he does not take responsibility for inspiring acts of violence but said if people were going to commit violence, they should “do it right.”

Threats from the group have mostly been targetted at journalists and activists .

After a series of arrests of Atomwaffen members by the FBI, Mason told the Westword in March Atomwaffen was disbanding.

However, from his downtown apartment, Mason has been actively making racist videos and references the National Socialist Order. These videos have been shared by the NSO social media accounts.

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