July 13, 2024

Kim Jong Un apologizes for killing South Korean


North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, has expressed his regret for having shot dead a South Korean man to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This was stated by the South’s national security adviser on Friday September 25, 2020.

The rare message came as Moon faced intense political fallout over the incident, which coincided with a renewed push for steps to engage Pyongyang this week.

“Chairman Kim Jong Un asked to convey his feeling that he is greatly sorry that an unexpected and unsavory incident occurred in our waters which hugely disappointed President Moon Jae-in and compatriots in the South,” said Suh Hoon, the South Korean security adviser.

Suh Hoon in a briefing said, “The letter was a quick response to our requests and included the explanations for the incident, an apology and promises to prevent recurrence.”

“North Korea’s leadership hopes the incident does not undermine recent efforts to foster trust between the neighbour’s,” he added.

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