Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukrainian President, has said that thorough and impartial investigation should be carried out on the military plane that crashed on Friday.

While giving the order, Zelenskiy, said on Saturday September 26, 2020, that the cause of the crash in which 26 lives were lost should be objectively clarified.

“Yesterday, as a result of a terrible tragedy, Ukraine lost 26 of its worthy sons,” he said.

“I insist that the causes of this plane crash be promptly clarified and that the investigation be objective and impartial,” added Zelenskiy.

According to Ukraine Defense Ministry, On Friday, Antonov An-26 aircraft, a military plane carrying air force cadets from Kharkiv University of the Air Force, crashed during a training exercise while it attempted to land.

The crash happened about 2 kilometers from a military airport.

The aircraft crashed in northeastern Ukraine near a highway and burst into flames five minutes following request from the crew commander to land after the plane’s left engine failed, according to the Ukrainian State Security Service.

Speaking about the incident, the State Security Service, in statement, on Saturday, said, “According to the preliminary information, the cadets did not directly control the aircraft – all flights were performed by the crew commander.”

Ukrainian authorities said that were investigating, a technical malfunction involving the aircraft, improper performance by the crew, improper performance by flight control, and inadequate maintenance that could be the possible causes of the crash.

However, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said it has found the black box with the flight data. The government has also suspended training flights on similar types of craft.

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