Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

China, through the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, has ordered import companies in the country to avoid frozen food from countries with higher record of coronavirus cases.

While issuing the order to importers on Monday September 28, 2020, the Bureau, said customs and local governments have repeatedly detected the coronavirus in imported cold chain food, proving it risks contamination.

The order came following confirmed cases of coronavirus in imported sea seafood in order to prevent spread of the virus. For over one month, China has maintained a zero record of local infection.

China has however been recording coronavirus cases in imported aquatic seafood in Jilin province and Qingdao city.

Import companies are therefore urged to keep updated about cases of coronavirus in other countries and to outright avoid importing cold chain food from countries that have higher cases if the virus.|

While calling on importers to device alternatives ways of handling imports, the Bureau also insists that effective reports mechanism should be devised to relayed necessary information to the authorities in case the virus is tested in products.

Meanwhile, in its attempt to have the virus under country, China has taken a similar step against Brazil, Indonesia and Russia suspending seafood producers from importing from any of those countries. The suspension could last for one week or more.

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