July 13, 2024

Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning nursery children


A Chinese court has sentenced a nursery teacher to death for poisoning 25 children, one of whom died.

The teacher was arrested last year after children at a kindergarten in Jiaozuo city were rushed to hospital after eating their morning porridge.

On Monday September 28, 2020, the local court in Jiaozuo sentenced Ms Wang to death.

It said in a statement that “Wang Yun had put sodium nitrite into the porridge of the young students of another teacher in revenge after they had argued over student management issues”.

The court also said this was not the first time Ms Wang had poisoned people, referencing an earlier incident where she “bought nitrite online and poisoned her husband who suffered minor injuries.”

One of the poisoned children died in hospital in January, 2020 after spending 10 months in hospital.

The court noted Ms Wang was “despicable and vicious, and the consequences of her crimes were extremely serious, and she deserves to be severely punished.”

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