Sun. May 26th, 2024




As we listen to the talking heads now,

we cower in doubt against their boasting.

Today’s news stories are the language of the sow

and Donald Trump is barbecue roasting.

Pigs anonymous grate in grub—

Russiagate is the toe to stub

against our immediate past

formulated by false newscasts.

Breaking point is reached and we are seeing

all the nakedness politics of our being.




Billionaires are envy’s lot in process

as American oligarchs control

the deep state of affairs of which we’re blessed.

Darkness rallies against the country’s soul.

The EPA fails its mission

leaving us to our decisions.

After Flint’s water proved sickly

and the economy trickly,

corruption needs a display in full,

but the left is weak and accustomed to its rule.




So we cull up truth as the voting base to

unveil our sorrows as dreamers do.

Immigrants are left to fight for their race

as we hear presidents before did rue.

Obama did the same enact

against the moving people’s tract—

yet we hear only of Trump crimes

against human rights ours divine.

What hypocrisy stains this country’s faith

when it suddenly sees its face as time’s wraith?



Power is its full regalia now—

Donald Trump reveals the true strategy

of political pandering in plow,

sowing the seeds of humanity’s plea.

Should America liberate

Syria from Assad’s vile State?

We are the strongest on the globe

but what do we first need to know?

Will American ideals stay their course?…

Or will we compromise our world for the worse?




2 thoughts on “Destruction of the Media Empire by Dustin Pickering”
  1. Very interesting mix of rhymed metered verse and modern political observations. I think the poet could edit further to eliminate archaic phrasing and to strive for clarity. But the piece certainly offers insights beyond the zombie norm

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