Sat. May 25th, 2024

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has wished President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a speedy recovery from Covid-19.

While issuing her wishes on Friday October 1, 2020, Whitmer stated that no one is immune, not even the president.

“This virus doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, a Republican or a Democrat,” she said.

Trump and his wife announced their positive virus test results overnight, generating reactions of shock, sympathy, and criticism as world reacts to the president’s infection.

“I want to start by wishing the president and first lady a speedy recovery,” reads the statement from Whitmer.

“COVID-19 is the most dangerous public health crisis America has faced in 100 years. It is still present in our communities. It is still spreading.

“And people are still dying from it every single day. This virus doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, a Republican or a Democrat, young or old. No one is immune. Not even the president,” the statement adds.

For some time, Whitmer has been critical about Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, going as far as calling the President the “biggest threat to the American people.”

She is also calling for a Congressional oversight investigation into the Trump administration’s pandemic response.

However, in her statement Friday, Whitmer refrained from criticizing the president, but took the opportunity to remind people about the severity of the pandemic.

“Here’s the good news. We can beat this enemy – but it’s going to take every single one of us working together to do it.

“Right now the most effective weapon we have is pretty simple: it’s wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth. It’s washing your hands with soap and water. And maintaining six feet of physical distance from one another,” she said.

She said she knows the measure is hard, especially for seniors, parents, students, small businesses, and our frontline workers.

Even though this has been one of the most challenging experiences anyone has ever faced, she encouraged everyone not to let their guard down.

“We must remain vigilant. COVID-19 won’t just go away because we’re tired of the disruptions it has caused to our daily lives, and right now there is no cure,” she said.

The sincere hope is that this day’s news will serve as a wakeup call to every single American, according to her.

She therefore urged all to do their part by masking up in order to get through the pandemic as one nation.

As it stands, all the 50 states and the federal government have some kind of declared state of emergency, including the state of Michigan.

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