Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Purity in genitals of a minority female frame
Poverty-stricken,  lower caste and needs no other name
Violated, mutilated, but it’s her and nobody’s shame
Brutally murdered and burnt in haste is how she got her fame.
Politicians with pluvial grief are vociferous in blame 
Bereaved mother’s wailing echo in darkened alleys in vain
Bribes to bereaved and police barricades 
are all just in the game.
Media assaulted, nation dissociated – emotions  wax and wane 
Tongue-tied dalit’s tongue chopped, spine smashed 
Being raped is her shame. 
Patriarchy roars in anger, 
Prescribes confinement of females 
with vehement disdain. 
Circus plays with pomp and grandeur, with dalit females slain. 
Crocodile tears flood nation’s streets and vote banks eyed for gain.

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