July 18, 2024

Jordan signs deal to open airspace to Israel


Jordan and Israel have agreed to operate commercial flights through the airspace of the two countries.

This was stated by Israel’s Transportation Ministry on Friday October 9, 2020, after several years of negotiations.

The ministry stated that, “The deal signed between civil aviation authorities will significantly shorten flight times from the Gulf states and Asia to destinations in Europe and North America, including flights from Bahrain and the UAE.”

“It is expected that the agreement will lead to a reduction in travel prices and fuel savings,” it added.

The ministry also disclosed that European air traffic control agency Eurocontrol, based in Brussels, helped make the aviation deal happen.

Transportation Minister Miri Regev said: “We are once again breaking new boundaries, and this time it is in the air.”

Regev added that, “We are opening new routes for cooperation in transportation, economics and diplomacy with the states sharing borders and shared interests with us, and a partnership in the vision for regional peace.”

Under the accord, flights will be permitted to travel over each country on weeknights between 11pm and 6am.

On weekends, the opening will be extended to 12 hours, with a 24-hour window available during 12 holidays per year.

Israel and Jordan already had diplomatic ties following a peace deal reached in 1994.

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