Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

By Robert Press

Brian Melford has declared interest to run for the 12th City Council Special Election scheduled to hold on December 22, 2020.

Candidate Melford explained that the 12th City Council District is Uptown, and that the Community will elect him in the Special Election.

While announcing his interest in the election, Brian said that he had almost seven years of experience in “City Council matters, and several years as the Budget Director for Councilman King.”

He added no other candidate has the experience that he has with the City Council.

There are only twelve days to collect signatures, and as of Sunday October 11, 2020 four days into petitioning there was nothing on the Board of Elections website about the 12th City Council Special Election.

The only mention was during the October 6, 2020 BOE commissioners meeting where it was mentioned that the mayor had three days to call a special election that would occur right before the Christmas holiday, and would not involve Rank Choice Voting.

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