Politics: The Sound of Silence by Wansoo Kim

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Whenever he opens his mouth,

He raises his vocal cords as much as possible

Saying he is smarter,

He has more possessions,

He has more experience than any others.



Now let him listen to

The sound of silence

That the exhausted people whimper down in his heart

With his mouth closed firmly.


Please let him know soon

Many people are more eagerly waiting for

Those who listen opening their heart

To the sound of silence

Than those who cry out loudly.

  1. Ihlwha Choi says

    The sound of silence is the most meaningful. There are so many noises in various fields in the world. We know the proverb,- Speech is silver and silence is gold. Though there are time when we shout with loud voice, sometimes we must keep silence hoping to realize the truth we have to pursue. Short but beautiful poetry. Thank you Wansoo Kim.

  2. Wansoo Kim says

    Thank you for your great and detailed comment.

  3. Wansoo Kim says

    Thank you for your encouragement through the great and detailed comment.

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