Sun. Apr 21st, 2024
Fear everywhere
No one is safe,
Hunger creeping around
Danger looming up and down.
Coronavirus doing more harm
Destroying lands and climes
Dwindling the farm
And crushing harder the times.
Coronavirus at peak
Causing the roof to leak
Making humans very weak.
Locked up, inside
Locked in, outside
Locked down, roundabout
Trapped and caged
The world is so outraged.
Coronavirus is a killer
It can never be a tiller,
Making a mess of lives
Causing crazy drives.
Graves here and there
Slaves to air and chair.
Coronavirus, a terrible disease
Fighting on the increase,
Killing hundreds and thousands
Paralysing futures and bands.
Wear your mask
Wash your hands
Fill your flask
Warm your glands.
Avoid crowds and people
Maintain social distancing
Stay home, stay safe
Keep clean your apple,
Wash your hands under waters, running
Hear word, do not be deaf.

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