July 15, 2024

EU imposes sanctions on Syrian ministers


The European Union has imposed penalties on seven ministers in Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

The penalties stated on Monday October 19, 2020 will be the latest round of sanctions that the bloc has now imposed on 280 businesses, individuals, and other entities affiliated with the regime.

According to the EU, “The sanctions include travel bans and asset freezes.”

While explaining the reasons for the recent sanction, EU in a statement said, “They have been imposed on the Syrian ministers due to their responsibility for the Syrian regime’s violent repression of the civilian population.”

The sanctions by the EU on the Syrian government began in 2011 when security forces brutally cracked down on unarmed pro-democracy protestors.

In May, the bloc announced that it was renewing its sanctions against the Assad regime and its affiliates despite the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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