Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The Progressive Women of New York (PWN) has announced its first list of endorsed candidates as the crucial 2020 election cycle enters its final phase.

The organisation which is a statewide political activism and social justice organization with more than 1,300 female and non-binary members released the list on Tuesday October 20, 2020.

Jasi Robinson, a steering committee member and former IDC challenger from Staten Island said, “We boldly and fearlessly champion key progressive issues from Black Lives Matter and environmental justice to criminal justice reform and affordable housing even when it means going up against the status quo.”

“The Democratic establishment and governor should not go unchecked just because NY is a blue state. It is imperative that we support grassroots candidates speaking truth to power, especially working-class women and women of color.” he added.

He explained further that obstacles unique to women challenging the establishment are numerous, however resources are limited, especially for first-time candidates.

“Despite the hardships, this slate is making their voices heard and we need to do what we can to (re)elect them.” Robinson stated

The endorsements are the first ever issued by PWNY since its formation more than two years ago.

The candidates were selected by a steering committee of some two dozen members across every region of New York State.

Nineteen of the sixty-five endorsees are members of the PWNY Facebook group.

Co-founder Dominique Shuminova said, “It’s basically a statewide sisterhood, we’re building community and grassroots organizing infrastructure across the state to amplify the concerns of women and other marginalized groups.”

“The last few years have shown that there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we have each other’s backs instead of allowing ourselves to be pitted against one another. We created this list to introduce people to inspiring down-ballot progressives who deserve their support,” she added.

State Senate Alessandra Biaggi who made the list expressed her delight and felt “honored to be endorsed.”

She said, “Given that our basic civil rights are hanging in the balance, our state government is more important than ever. The stakes are high in this election – at every level.”

“We must at all costs hold our hard-fought Democratic majority in the NY State Senate, and we only need to pick up two seats to gain a veto-proof supermajority,” she stated.

PWNY also urged citizens statewide to vote for candidates on the Working Families Party ballot line to ensure the WFP’s survival as a voice for progressive causes and candidates.

“When women from across NY come together, we can achieve the change New Yorkers have been striving for,” said Amanda Kirchgessner, steering committee member and grassroots organizer from the Finger Lakes region.

“I am absolutely inspired to discover how many incredible candidates are running across this great state. It gives me a lot of hope in these trying times,” she added

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