July 13, 2024

Republican turns anti-trump voter, condemns Trump’s mockery of reporter with cerebral palsey


A citizen of the United States, Brian George, has condemned the country’s President, Donald Trump for mocking a reporter with cerebral palsey.

While expressing his displeasure at the president’s statement against the reporter, George stated that he was emotionally disturbed because his wife suffers a similar mental health challenge.

“Trump lost me when he mocked a reporter with cerebral palsey. Why did it bother me so much? My first wife had cerebral palsey,” George said on his Facebook wall.

He added that his wife endured that type of treatment her entire life from people like trump.

“May 15th 1980, she decided she had enough. She took her disability check, and used it to buy a 357 magnum, and a box of bullets.

“She went to the car, loaded the gun, and blew her brains out.
Now does anyone wonder why I hate trump so much?,” George added.

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