Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

One child who likes

The game of missiles and nuclear tests

And the other child who takes pride in

The game of aircraft careers and combat planes

Met at one place.


Those who have thrown murderous punches  

Putting on the look of the devil

Whenever they open their mouth

Hand the flowers of a bright smile

Holding each others hands like great friends.


Watching the two who show the pose

Like the great men supposed to get Nobel Prize,

The eyes in the whole world

Twinkle the colors of hope and doubt at the same time.


Will the unification festival happen, 

Which applauses and cheers are so high all over the world,  

In South and North Korea soon like a romantic drama?

Or will the crazy fear festival happen

Which lets out horrible shriek and blows up sparks 

With missiles and combats planes losing their reason?


The eyes in the whole world

Raise the prayer letters for peace to the heaven day and night

Watching the mouths of the capricious children.


I also pray the braggart child with a big nose who likes flattery

Wont hurt his big nose

Looking down on the bright smile of the fatty child

Disguised as the innocent and humble eyes.

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