Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

If you would like to witness

Your deep sea

Mediating above the clouds,

Basking under the golden sun,

Please, pilgrimage our sacred mountains

Dissolve into its gamut

Take its grandeurs as much as you like

On your camera, or in your heart.


If you would like to

See yours the silent sea’s baby babble

Playing hide and seek

Throughout the mountains and hills

Please, walk side by our rivers

The music of George, the rhythm of cascades

Muffle as much as you like,

Or dance in its cosmic melody.


If you would like to watch nature’s play,

In the virgin earth’s smell

Where the breezes take bath

Clouds change the cloths

Behind mountains, where a supernatural

Worship: heavenly contact occurs.

And water conceives

The ocean and slowly the glacier crawls…

Inside the clouds, mountains, winds and rain.

A mysterious untasted magic

Uncoils nature’s serene divinity.


If you want to take the heavenly bath,

Left the heartless ── rushing cities,

Unchain the dull schedules…

And fly to our lap of Himalayas

Leaning against it,

Submerge into unlooked ecstasy

To resurrect yourself.


If you like to know the Big Cat’s rituals

Which is jailed in your

Zoo, and want to breakfast with Rhino

Please, visit once Nepal

And make it lifetime memories

Because everything end,

The only memory remains…


If you want heaven’s conversations

Staring yours city’s light over the

Glimmering sky!

And if you would like to walk with Boudhas

Please, Bag pack!

Heaven is calling.

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