July 15, 2024

NY voter faces intimidation, narrates experience at polling booth


A New York voter, Antirson Ortiz, has shared his ugly experience while casting his vote at a polling booth.

Ortiz, who disclosed this via his Facebook page on Thursday November 5, 2020, stated that he “was extremely proud to see some youth working the polls”.

He, however, said he was shocked when the other representative began to explain to the person in front of him how to vote and then told him the same thing.

“If I didnt completely vote down the democratic line, my vote wouldn’t count.

“If I left any candidate out, without circuling my vote wouldnt count.

“If I wanted to vote on the WFP party line, my vote wouldn’t count for the democratic one,” Ortiz said quoting the representative.

Ortiz further alleged that he was prevented from submitting his ballot until he complied with the directive of the representative.

“The worst came when she wouldn’t let me submit my ballot until I followed what she said and even told me who to pick. Her character changed, when I told her I work in government.”

“Congrats BOE and those who know this happens. You played yourself. We need to educate our voters more,” he said.

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