Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

A masquerade of ugly traits

Chasing citizens of ordinary values,

A parade of dirty linens

Messing up the environment,

Heaps of confusion

Troubling the land.

Politics, the pillar of karma

Canonizing, canalizing, cabalistic too

Beams of fetish columns

Streams of radiation

Rays of fraudulent hopes.

Politics, dirty, stinking, inhumane

Bearing stamps of hardship

Bits and bits of flesh

Pounding bones and skulls,

Severing skeletons and frames.

Politics of jungles

Lions roaring and devouring

Careless, carefree, mean, heartless, wicked

Shameless, mannerless, cultureless

Greed, selfishness, pride, hate, bigotry

Lust, lies, dishonesty, distrust, ungodliness.

Charades of barbarism

Champions of war,

Insights and instigations of hate

Waywardness and total crackdown

Complete control, complexity

Power tussle, puzzle of mystery.

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