June 23, 2024

Trump, the Pandemic, Has Been Defeated


By Zeynab Gazal

It is indisputable that the year 2020 has been painfully memorable for the world, especially with regards to the battle between the human race and the coronavirus. However, we’ve got it wrong! There isn’t just one threat – there are, or better put, there were two. What’s the other one, you may wonder? It’s a pandemic featuring a battle between HUMANITY and a creature called Donald J Trump.

In that vein, it is with exhilarating joy that I mention the most appreciated gift that fate chose to conclude this hectic year with – Donald Trump’s demoralising defeat in the current presidential election. It is demoralising in the sense that it shall go down in history, as the greatest defeat.

In contrast with his claims, he LOST BIG and BY A LOT! As it has always been, he enthusiastically claimed victory, falsely , amplifying his utter ignorance even more.

And as Peter Baskerville once said, “The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance.” Sounds too familiar, doesn’t it? Therefore, what we’ve seen in the past four years are a depiction of such. His lies and deceptions, his techniques of overlooking reality and so-evident boastful nature.

Trump, with all his other negative traits aside, is not a person of Presidential character. He has always been a demon whose characteristics point back to narcissism. In his words, Trump on several occasions proved to the world how self-centred he is.

For instance, in a post on Twitter on January 6, 2018, Trump wrote, “ Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart… I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius…and a very stable genius at that!”

In response, Timothy Natfali said in an interview with CNN on the same day, “We evaluate presidents by their conduct, by their actions, by their legislative achievements, by the way they conduct foreign policy and keep us save. Let others tell you you’re smart, you don’t have to tell us you’re smart!”

The truth of the matter is, he who truly possesses anything does not brag about it, but rather shows that he has it through the degree to which he executes his responsibilities.

On that ground, I’d like to clarify that I stand not for politics; I stand for humanity. And come to think of it, how much of that has he showed? Little? None? He not only lacks the attributes of a HUMAN, but he also lacks the dimensions of a president.

As he, over the years, disintegrated what was once United, his defeat in the election is and will always be the most essential happening. This is so due to the fact that the last thing that the already cruel world needs is a power abuser who believes that it’s all about him.

He has drawn an image of the United States that demolishes its power and worth. He has made it seem to be the most cruel and racist nation in the world. Now you tell me: is that what Martin Luther King Jr meant when he talked about a Dream America?

The US and the world need a leader, not an imbecile. They need a person of dignity, a man of purpose to bring the shattered pieces of the nation back together. They need a man who talks reality, not a man who shows off mere statistics, numbers and deception.

They need a man who realises that before American and Mexican, before ‘black’ or ‘white’, before Muslim or Christian, comes human . They need a leader who knows that reality matters more than illusions, and a person who comprehends the importance of facts over assumptions.

And most importantly, they need a person who acknowledges that a life lost, is a life which matters and that every life made and every breathing man is a life which counts in its existence, and isn’t just a number: what we have at stake is humanity, not a business.

Lest I forget, a true president speaks and addresses, not tweets.

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