Sun. May 19th, 2024

Moments of God’s calm, a little emptiness, a breeze

   The world was shaking like the tide

    You say the wrath of God, I say wine in the glass

    The time had come and the season was a gift for those who could resist the wind.

    Sit at the time limit and watch.

    Prayer in one language, curse in the other

    Turn to spirits who adjust their behavior

    And the songs of orphan thoughts

    Those who are in the midst of their own existence.

    God was silent as if the seasons did not contain

    He was indifferent to his thoughts on time, indivisibility, incommensurability, and the limit of power.

    Who could stop hesitating on this shore?

    What if the pain of today is not the pleasure of yesterday?

    It’s a thin chip between the sand and the moss.

    A responsibility that cannot be transformed into an opportunity, the apricot of the sea

    I hope hearts will untangle this seal without breaking

    With the kiss of the sun and the moon

    Before the talkative mistakes of human beings turn into injuries.

    The voice of life in me reaches my ear

    He says we won’t be alone anymore

    Do you listen to what I say,  great master.

    There is an unreal delay

    If you’re just the truth inside

    If you are also silent, who will swear by mistakes and say silence …

    Life must be someone who can read the heart

    Suck a sponge from the heart that pours our minds into the river

    for the rain

    There is a new spring that awaits every May.

    No time for silence, for laziness, master.

    You try to find yourself.

    Don’t look at those who stop and walk

    The towers are made of our bones.

    Now, the time for sowing is not the time for harvest.

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