Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Akeem Alao

A Pakistani-American theologian and preacher, Yasir Qadhi, has accused the mainstream media and the US government of double standard for underreporting a terrorist attack carried out by a Christian on this year’s Christmas morning.

While disclosing this via his Facebook page on Sunday December 27, 2020, Qadhi stated, “The script is getting too repetitive!”

He said, “It’s honestly getting frustrating how blatant and repetitive the double standards are.”

According to him, a 63-year-old man named Anthony Quinn Warner blew himself up Christmas morning in an RV packed with explosives in downtown Nashville, TN, a major city in America and the state capital.

“The picture shows the aftermath of the attack. Thankfully, there were no fatalities,” he said.

Scene of the Christmas morning attack

“But we are honestly tired of constantly pointing out how such an act is never politicized when it’s done by a person of the Far Right – typically a Christian, Caucasian male – and yet the same act is completely politicized when done by a Muslim. Just imagine if a brown-skinned bearded lone-wolf deranged ‘jihadist’ had just perpetrated an attack via a suicide bombing in any major city in America (God forbid)!

“There is no constant streaming of this news item on any news network; no major newspaper is focusing on the story; and neither the President nor any senior politician has even commented on it,” he added.

“Dare I say that’s the way a lone, crazed, deranged act SHOULD be covered! It is a random tragedy and should be mentioned in a paragraph somewhere on the front page, and then ignored unless there’s a relevant update.

“All we’re asking for is consistency – treat all individuals the same! And until that happens, we will have to constantly bring attention to the double standards of both the media and our politicians,” Qadhi concluded.

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