Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Akeem Alao

Gambians have lashed Nigerian ex-president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, over interference in the country’s internal politics.

Jonathan was received in audience at the Statehouse in Banjul on Saturday January 9, 2021.

According to a local news outlet, while speaking to the press after his closed-door meeting with President Barrow, Jonathan said he was in the country to assist in the process of getting a new constitution for The Gambia.

The ex-president was in the country for the second time on the same mission said getting a constitution is a controversial and challenging process that involves different politicals interests, but he is optimistic that at the end Gambians will have one that will stand the test of time and all-inclusive.

However, Gambians condemned Jonathan’s interference in the country’s politics.

Reacting to the visitation, a Gambian, Derrick Homeboy, stated that there should be no foreign interference in the country’s domestic issues.

“No foreign interference in our domestic issues. And more importantly there is no constitutional crisis here. What we have here is a greedy-selfish-land-dealer-accidental-president who was elected as a transitional president to carry out reforms including drafting a new constitution for the country,” Homeboy said.

He added, “He betrayed, lied and cheating the citizens daily and even went ahead and formed his own political party, and start bribing clueless lawmakers to perpetuate his betrayal plans.

“The same clueless lawmakers were among those lawmakers who reject[ed] the draft constitution but the government (executive) has earlier stated their dissatisfaction about the draft well before it was table[ed] at the parliament.

“Barrow is working hard perpetuating another circle of dictatorship.”

Fatty Hydara Sonko stated, “You know what this nonsense has to stop. We can do our things in our own way.

“Hypocrisy Goodluck Jonathan or whatever your name is, [please] respect yourself and pull yourself from our [inner] affairs. Before coming here why can’t you help Buhari to solve Nothern Nigeria’s [crises]?”

Lamin L Darboe, another Gambian citizen, advised Jonathan to leave the country and return to Buhari to talk about Boko Haram insurgency.

“Mr ‘bad luck’ Jonathan, go and talk about issues of Boko Haram in Nigeria; I think that is more delicate than talking about our constitution. We fully understand where you are heading to,” Darboe said.

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