Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

President Xi Jinping has
urged the country’s military to make determined efforts to become the world’s greatest army by 2027, comparable to that of the United States.

Ahead of China’s Army Day, the president stated that the governing Communist Party “commands the gun”

In reviewing the Party’s history, Xi stated that the CPC will maintain total control over the people’s military forces in order to encourage their growth.

“A prosperous country must have a strong military because only a strong military can keep a country secure and stable, Xi said.

He emphasised the necessity of speeding up the development and consolidation of national defence and powerful armed forces.

China will build a fully modern military on par with that of the United States by 2027, the centennial of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), a goal that is in line with national strength and will meet future national defence needs, according to media reports following the CPC Plenary session in October last year.

The People’s Liberation Army Day is observed on August 1 in China to commemorate the formation of the People’s Liberation Army during the 1927 Nanchang Uprising.

Xi, who leads the CPC and the powerful Central Military Commission (CMC), called for resolute will and determination to work hard to achieve the goals set for the PLA centennial in 2027, speaking to a group study session of the CPC Political Bureau on Saturday.

Xi, who heads the CPC and the powerful Central Military Commission (CMC) and, unlike his predecessors, has the prospect of a lifelong tenure in power, called for resolute will and determination to work hard.

In the major anti-corruption effort launched by Xi since taking office, he shook the PLA, the world’s largest military with two million soldiers, by punishing over 50 top generals as well as a slew of mid-level officials.

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